Multiphase Flow Research


Drilling in offshore always accomapnies with the risks of wellbore blowouts which makes discharge of drilling fluids and hydrocarbon a likely scenario. Lack of an integrated system to estimate the worst-case discharge (WCD) rate constrains the tackling operations and exacerbate the environmental side effects of oil and gas well blowouts. Recent blowout incidents revealed the need for accurate estimation of WCD to prevent and mitigate uncontrolled flow of formation fluid to the environment.

We constructed a state of art multiphase flow loop which is equipped with various intrumentations and equipment to capture the flow characteristics on the higher spectrum of gas and liquid velocities. During this project, subsonic and sonic conditions were imitated and the various parameters were recorded. Simultaneously, we used the computational fluid dynamics modeling to characterize the real field conditions. Furthermore, a user-friendly computational tool was developed to simulate offshore WCD scenarios under realistic and various field conditions.

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